Patternmaking and More…

We build patterns and core boxes for the foundry industry and manufacturing sectors using a wide variety of media. We offer low run tooling made of polystyrene and various types of wood to high production tooling made from plastics and metals. This coupled with our CNC machining expertise, makes us capable of producing very precise production ready tooling.

All Computer Aided Design (CAD) and manufacturing procedures are accomplished using our Siemen’s NX software which has very powerful hybrid modeling capabilities. Our Engineering and Design team can create three dimensional models from engineer’s drawings, or we can alter models provided by our customers.

Traditional Patternmaking
CNC Cut Iron
CNC Milling Machine
CNC Cutting a Wooden Pattern
Aluminum Matchplate
Aluminum Shell Corebox

Our Difference

Shell Core Department

In addition to our tool manufacturing, we have 4 shell core machines which produce low cost, high strength and fine surfaced sand cores. We can produce core boxes to a foundry’s specifications, or run existing core boxes on our machines. If you are considering reducing your internal production, we would be pleased to present a proposal to produce cores for you.

Tooling Design

Port Hope Patterns has the knowledge, experience, and technology to develop from concept through completion, a set of tooling to suit the production requirements of the foundry.  All patterns and coreboxes are made to be cost effective for the production levels of the castings.

Mould, Fixture, and Model Making

Our manufacturing capabilities, developed for foundry patternmaking, are perfectly suited to produce tooling for many other industries. We can produce jigs, fixtures, moulds for plastic injection, rotational moulds, and vacuum forming moulds. If you need it, we can make it!


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